Unplanned training session: As much for me learning to keep my cool and handle a situation as well as them.
Took Chet to an adjacent field for longer distance, down, sit and heel training. Planned on usual downs, sits. Walking off some distance calling,having him find me, walking in heel and repeating.
Got in 1st segment and Lexi had jumped the fence and showed up. Chet wanted to engage in a fight. Called him into a heel, no leash, had to use light ecollar stim. Got him leashed, and while getting them into a comfortable heel together Ace shows up. Only one leash and one ecollar.
Knowing if anything took place to kick in their fight drives Lexi and Ace would work together, and feed off each other's energy.
I immediately gave him and Lexi a Down command. Got Chet back into a heel, and started walking him back home. Every 100 yards or so I had Chet sit. Called Ace and Lexi to catch up. When close I would give them the down command again. Walk another 100 yards or so, and do it again. Did this multiple times until we got home.
Learned many things. As I suspected Chet is dog reactive. Have treated him as such just in case.
Ace would maintain his down even when there were buildings between us and at least 150yrds.
Lexi will break down to try and keep me in sight.
Ace did exceptional considering he isn't strange dog friendly.
Need to solidify Lexi's obedience. Did well in that she wouldn't engage in her defense, and instead dodged waiting for me to handle it.
Chet did exceptional also considering only 3 weeks into training him, and all the obstacles we had to deal with first. A few weeks ago it would have been rough.