For last few weeks. Have been patiently working with them off leash, giving them a chance to learn what is expected, lots of praise when they do it right, taking turns on playing tug. No corrections, just placing them back where they were if they broke command. Putting in downs, sits, etc., speaking their names seperately for to load up, come inside or play.

Off leash heals, sending one and keeping other in heel. Giving a command for each, or both to go into a down, or sit while walking.

Of note: Ace cannot stand a dog he doesn't know coming towards or eyeballing him.

This evening I took it a step farther, walking them in heel, off leash, up road in front of our house. Neighbors dogs always running loose. When first dog came running towards us hair on end, I had them go into a down. Stepping toward the dog to run him off. Lexi broke for a moment, but one word and she went back to a down. Next dog we did the same. 

Coming back all neighbor dogs were together. Gave mine the sit command, both sat in unison, and stepped between mine and the other dogs telling the others to get. When I turned to look at Lexi and Ace to call them into heel, both were watching me instead of the other dogs. 

That is what it's all about. 😀

All this from having intelligent dogs and teaching what is expected. Feel Good!