Today was the first time I have ever taken all 3 for a walk in heel. This was 10 minutes into our walk, and they were ready for something else.
They do very well in pairs but are feeding off each other's excitement, crowding, and getting confused. Going to go back to short leashes for a while to help them out.
This really helps Ace with his dog reactivity.
Keep them under some type of obedience drill keeps Luke from acting up to the point which causes Ace to want to engage with him and seems to give Ace the understanding he isn't to engage.
Five minutes before this video a neighbors cow was in our yard and I didn't know it. I was watching the crew and didn't know there was I cow around until I saw them tense up.
They maintained heel, and I had them go into a short sit, followed by a short heel, and another sit to keep their minds occupied as I tried to work our way around to where I could let them loose and run it back. It realized what we were doing and bolted over the fence. As much as they wanted to go after it they all maintained a heel.