Still been working with them on stability and working them together. Took them for a walk down the road off leash in a heel. Neighbors dog was loose and they both maintained a good heel. Even when I was stalking and they saw a cow and caught themselves before breaking

Lexi is really doing well. When she was on the inside she would occasionally walk too fast but would quickly realize she couldn't see my leg in peripheral and turn her head, self correct, and slow down. 

Ace is at the age of being jumpy. had them both off leash in a heel walking around a lumber yard when someone behind us, in the back of the yard, dropped a large bundle of plywood which made a very loud noise, Lexi ran across in front and to my right side to look behind me and Ace ran about 10yrds ahead before he spun around to face then both self-corrected when I wasn't phased coming back into heel.

Today, getting tires, in a tire shop with Ace walking through they broke down a tire with a loud boom and it barely phased him.

However, he did get spooked when leaving, as I walked out a door, with Ace in heel a early 20's #%[email protected] reached down as we went past, nipped Ace's back end with his hand, and made a loud noise to scare him, Ace jumped half a body length forward and was half-spun around when he realized he was supposed to be in a heel and self corrected although I wouldn't have faulted Ace for breaking in that situation.

I had no idea the guy was going to do that. It was done so quickly I had no time to react. In a way I am proud of Ace, because he would have been to blame even though in my opinion doing a sneaky shot from behind a dog you are asking to get bit. I did jump onto the boy.

Owner of tire shop was wanting to pet Ace so I told him if he would go to him he could pet him. I told Ace to heel and let him call. After a couple times Ace sat beside me. After a short time another came in while Ace was on roam, called him, and Ace just sat down and looked at him.