Please note with Tazer scenario he reacts as soon as he see the decoy (stranger) coming towards us through the bush without being command to where if you watch any vids of my other protection dog Ara she waits for commands to reacted. This could possibly be from inappropiate training for his temperament in the pass and the fact that Tazer can be little sharp and reactive. Please give me your veiw point if you think this could be incorrected about Tazer? Sadly that was Tazer final scenario as I will be putting him to rest soon. As you can see he is struggling in his wheelchair at keeping his balance now... as he loves his work I wanted to give him one last time to do it. The hardness part to owning a dog is when its time to let them go. Its time for Tazer... I'm really going to miss him.


  1. Aww Sharon you are an amazing dog owner and person! Tazer LOVES serving his purpose as a protector for you, and it is so noticeable how pleased he is with himself for doing so. He obviously loves you to pieces. Cherish every last moment with him. Every dog should have their chance on earth with someone like you. I’m very touched by the video.

  2. btw, I see no problem with him alerting on his own here. He knows what the decoy represents and he alerted you to him. He was doing his job. He also did not give much fuss when it was time to leave the situation.

  3. Aww Tazer! He is such a good boy! It was such a pleasure to have met him through this site. He was a naturally protective dog and you could tell he loved his mommy so much! Dogs are such blessings for us and we are so lucky to have them as a part of our lives. We will truly miss watching Tazer. I know it will be so hard and sad but remember all the good you gave to him and the love he gave to you in return. The best thing we can do for our dogs is knowing when it’s time. This is the most selfless thing one can do. We want to keep them forever but not letting them go through pain and suffering is the most caring thing we can do for them. We all that have gotten to know Tazer love him 🙂 and are much thankful we never met him in a dark ally….that’s not biting for show or for sport that dog will eat you up if you come near mommy…..Good Boy Tazer we will miss you!

  4. Thank you everyone for your kind words. I had a very kind, elderly vet come to our home to sedate and then put Tazer to rest. Tazer certainly wasn’t going out without a fight … his heart was still in it but his body was packing up on him.
    Mike, you would have loved this vet! We spoke of wolves/dominance and political correctness – dog owners treating their dogs like children. How he had dog owners come into the clinic with aggressive dogs and when owners were asked to hold the dog during the consultation (to prevent the vet being bitten) they were afraid to do so. He advice them they need to take their dog to a dog trainer or either rehome the dog.
    It made it easier for me to have a genuine vet that understood the special relationship I had with my Tazer.