Sootie as been learning phrase 1 over the last 6 weeks using food and active rewards in most of the obedience commands and as also learnt a "leave" command in phrase2 fore licking elderly dog in the mouth but the command as not been generalisated yet for any other situations. In the video you will see Sootie does understand the command structure of the "no". Here I'm doing revision of commands Sootie as been learning over time with me..


  1. Great video. Really good use of treat and play rewards. Great enthusiasm during the training. You can tell that the pup loves the session. My only critique would be to try to phase out the word “stay” and replace with an interval reward to increase the time the pup will stay without needing to say “stay”:
    Otherwise, the timing and use of the word stay is good. It just isn’t what you want to do if you want the pup to listen to one command without any additional dialogue. If any questions, please let me know. Refer to the “obedience chart” and go straight down the list for “sit” to see the order how to accomplish this in phase 1:

  2. |Thanks Mike… I follow your link and went back to phrase1 instruction vid of “sit” and I can see what you mean by a silent “stay”. I also realised by re-watching vid I missed steps in Sootie training… much appreciate your pick up of this.