I love training Sootie - she is such an easy pup to teach... very clever little girl. I hope its not a problem but I was using the command "place" instead of "climb"... I use only one "no" according to new verison.I also am using a flat collar as Sootie seem to be very willing to please and doesn't requirer teaching with the prong collar.Next stage I will be moving onto part3 of the climb by dropping leash and adding more items for her to go to. Thank you Judy for giving me a good start in the foundation style training with teaching me niji leash handleing and the "climb" perviously doing this with Ara & Tazer... hopefully I'm improving with each dog I do. I should be nice and ready for when my pup comes along. Trying to follow in order of the certification requirements - leash niji, leash manners, climb. etc. Any feedback would be welcome.