Great session with Quma.  She has been trained in basic obedience but I've had issues with a couple of things.  She wasn't keen on "stay" if I walked too far or waited to long for the recall but wouldn't "come" if I left her leash on.  Today we were practising walking to heel (on leash).  I gave the command stay giving just a short twitch on the leash to reinforce and carried on walking.  She stopped perfectly.  I walked about 50 feet away, sat down and didn't make eye contact with her for at least a minute.  I then called her over and jackpot rewarded her as she had overcome two obstacles in one go.  We repeated variations of that exercise another 3 times and then I left it for today.  Still having some problems with the "down".  She needs visual cues each time and 99% of the time a lure in the form of a treat to  get down.  I may have a 10 minute session just on the down to see if I can isolate what I've done wrong with this.  Heeling on leash is great.  She is coping with changes in speed and direction really well.