excellent morning.  Great sit/down/climb/heel.  She's great off lead.  Walking to heel and can command a sit or a wait and she will stop dead and let me walk on without her.  She remains in place until I either return or call her to me.  Have also spent one session a day with tug toy.  I am noticing a change in her body language.  Even just a week ago when eating she would have her tail tucked firmly between her legs and asking her to play tug of war was a non starter - she would actually back away from the tug.  Now she will sit and bark on command and she jumps forward to grab the toy when commanded.  Really enjoys winning the toy and will trot off with head and tail up when she is allowed to win it.  Still perfect release on the command "out."  I've also noticed that the tail is no longer tucked under her body when eating but in a more relaxed posture as with my other dogs.   It looks like a combination of obedience training and quality time has really improved her confidence.  Keeping a very close eye that she doesn't become over confident or aggressive.  Just really proud of the advances she has made in such a relatively short time.