Phase two corrections. I use a choke/chain collar but clip the o-ring back on itself with the lead clip so that I don't need to use large movements. I find this stops me trying too hard to close the collar and being too harsh in the movement. e.g. when walking to heel, if I need to correct a simple twist of the wrist holding the leash of 90 degrees is sufficient to provide some pressure with choking or hurting the dog. Started with the climb. Perfect onto the pallet and would happily stay there if I was next to her. First couple of attempts at moving away slightly, Quma tried to follow. I didn't really need to use the choke as such. Just moved back in fairly quickly with a gentle but firm "no" and put her back on the pallet. Took maybe 3 or 4 times of putting her back and she completely got it. We did 2 tries with me moving to full extent of an 8 foot light line and back and circling her at distance with no movement. She was so good I then put tension on the line and tried tugging her a little bit and she pulled back - refused to get off the pallet until told "free". Of course I know my dogs are the most intelligent in the world but I was really amazed at how quickly Quma took to this exercise. Moved on to doing some phase 2 sit and down but I couldn't get her to fail. Once in either position despite pressure on the leash she would not move until the "free" was given. We did some nice heeling on lead also - not perfect 100% of the time but we're getting there. A good distraction was the rest of the dogs barking at a passerby which would normally entice her away to join in the excitement. She began to head round the side of the house to the fence but stopped and came immediately upon recall. I love that dog 🙂 I can't sing the praises enough of the Foundation Style of training. The results I've seen in such a short time have been outstanding. Quma also did some vehicle narcotic searches. This is something that she has on occasion struggled with as she is a big dog and finds small confined spaces challenging. It is a mark of how her confidence is growing that she had no issues at all today. No hesitation, no clumsiness, great find, great indication.