OBEDIENCE: Real World Obedience

Wandered around multiple areas in Paladin Center interacting with other dog/handlers.


PROTECTION: ‘Watch’ Command

Piper and handler were placed in center of room, agitators were seated along the walls surrounding dog/handler. When ‘watch’ command is given, a specific agitator will aggressively approach and the handler was to look at agitator. Purpose of this drill was to make Piper observe the direction the handler is looking and watch that same direction.

When ‘watch’ command was given Piper would react by jumping on handler and not keeping watch for approaching danger. During first and second attempt the agitator needed to poke Piper to get her attention, Piper noticed agitator during third attempt before hands could be placed on her. Subsequent attempts had Piper jumping on handler then turning to look where the agitator is coming from. Two sessions were performed, each session was ended with a ‘bite’ with muzzle on.