OBEDIENCE: Heel Seeking and ‘Over’ Command
Continued work on heel seeking, still have to ‘correct’ Piper into proper place but she is getting better. Also worked on a new command ‘Over’ to teach Piper to jump or climb over an object.


PROTECTION: Off-Leash Control with and without Muzzle on Multiple Attackers
Participated in two scenarios during this session.
First scenario involved unmuzzled dog being restrained while handler approached an agitator, agitator began assaulting handler then dog is released, after dog engages first agitator the handler backs away and begins getting assaulted by second agitator.
After being release Piper made contact with handler instead of engaging agitator, Piper quickly redirected and bit agitator. As handler began being assaulted by second agitator a recall was had to be used to get Piper’s attention to engage second agitator. The second bite went much better, then Piper was praised and agitator slipped suit top.
Second scenario involved a visit to bar setting where the handler encountered trouble, first attacked by one agitator then a second. After leaving the bar the team walked to the bodega where two more agitators were encountered.
After entering room, Piper was placed in down-stay while handler approached bar. First attempt had Piper breaking her down-stay and return to handler. After returning Piper back to the start, handler then approached bar again and was assaulted, Piper came to handlers aid. Handler was then assaulted by second agitator and Piper successfully defended handler. In bodega Piper was alerted to keep aggressive agitator away from handler.