OBEDIENCE: Heel Seeking and Directional Climbs
Outside of class we have been working on heel seeking using a wall to shape Piper into correct position. When command is performed with no wall, Piper tends to stop out of position, perpendicular to handler. Piper will correct herself with remote collar. Using a leash and new technique shown today, Piper will correct herself with a few quick leash pumps.
Attempted climbs in class. Piper seemed distracted by doing a climb in the class environment and did not follow direction well; small corrections were needed to get her to correct board. This was a good exercise because we did not perform as well as I expected.
PROTECTION: Off-Leash Control with Muzzle Hits on Multiple Attackers
First attempt performed following scenario…
Piper was restrained while handler approached two agitators. First agitator began assaulting handler, Piper was then released to come to aid of handler. Once dog broke up the first assault the second agitator began assaulting handler. Repeated same scenario three times.
Piper appeared to try and split up altercation before attempting a bite. Off-leash control was okay.


  1. Piper has been on and off those boards before, that’s why I was thinking she may have been confused by the directional command to climb or just a little distracted from a full class.