Bite club: Today we did muzzle hits on attackers. Orfeo did well as I expected. He has natural protective instincts. We worked with 2 attackers at the same time today which is a fairly new scenario to him but he had no reservations and did his job well. Orfeo seems to be very clear headed which I like. When he came back to me after the muzzle hits he seemed "cool, calm and collected". He doesnt get too worked up after and seems to settle down almost instantly, a trait i like about him. Hes "on" when he needs to be and "off" and relaxed once its over.
Obedience: After muzzle hits, we worked on a little control while circling the same "attackers" from the previous scenario. I cut Orfeo off leash and dis a lot of heeling around the "attackers" who were no longer acting as a threat. We threw in a few sits and downs in motion and Orfeo did exceptionally well. I was so pleased with his obedience today. Much improvement! I was so proud of Orfeo today. I ended it with a recall from a down stay and a lot of love.