Today worked on premack during bite work tonight with help from Nate and Mike. 

Orfeo and I need to work on heeling during bite work. This is something We haven't actually worked on much. We tried working simply on one step heel. I need to work more on the technical and timing of the one step heel. I know what to do, I just need to implement it so that it is very clear for Orfeo what and when he is being rewarded while making it super fun for him once he does get rewarded. Worked on recall off the bite too. He releases extremely well when their s a double attacker and he has a purpose and a reason to release. When he is only on one person he does still come off easy, but he is more reluctant to because obviously he wants to stay and fight. We must be careful not to do too many recalls off the bite as he may start to anticipate it.