Learned her commands sit, and down on fairly much the second repition. Heeling, or at least not lunging at the end of the leash, works only with a star mark on because she still wants to go where she wants to go. Have almost got her out of trying to attack legs if you are wanting to go a direction other than what she wants to go.

None of my previous of this breed needed the amount of mental stimulation she does. It is hard to find anything to give her enough activity mentally, which leads to a lot of mischief, such as learning to climb on a counter at 3 months old, getting behind the seat of a pickup to get treats stashed there, climbing to get cat food, opening storage totes and taking things out. Thinking about getting an electronic toy that makes different animal sounds.

She is an anomaly. At 3 months if the water bowl is empty she will scratch it to get attention and look up at the water faucet. I have seen one or two others with this breed say their pups will grab legs or ankles growling, shaking, and barking when they need to expell feces. None of my previous have.

Loves flirt stick and tug as long as it is indoors where it is cool.