Typical of her breed Onida is extremely smart, learns fast, high prey and predatory drive. Already exhibiting cat like stalking.  

More energy, drive than my previous ones.  

She reminds me, to an extent, of Mouse's early test.

She loves to bite ankles, feet, arms and grab clothes. Even at only 8lbs she can rip good blue jeans. Breed typical, when she is on and full of energy she will go for the damage with gusto. No temperance or control in her play yet.  

Given half a chance she will always try to work her way up to a toy and hit the hand holding it, and when she does.... This behavior was exhibited on the way home.

Great drives. Redirection isn't working so far. We have tried all kinds of toys and she doesn't want them. She wants something solid to bite so will head for any body part she can get hold of. I may have to resort to correcting to to save our legs and arms.

When she has fooled me and actually got a hold I have tried grabbing her before she shakes, and pressing her lip onto a tooth to make her release, as I have done in the past with other pups, and that little prick of pain puts her in to overdrive.