Took a step back from my previous session in order to make sure Nova understand and is comfortable with her "Down to Sit" motion. We did phase 1 "push ups" in order to get Nova comfortable transitioning from sit to down, and down to sits. 

Rep 1: mainly just using lures to get her comfortable transitioning between the sit and downs


Rep 2: Started fading out lure 


She seem much more comfortable transitioning between the two commands. She does seem to be anticipating a bit more now, but I'm not too worried about that, I'm just glad she feels more comfortable and confident trasnsitioning from commands right now.



 Phase 2 Heel:

First session with Phase 2 Heel (version 3.0) Escape conditioning phase. Worked primarily on preventing her from forging and paying attention to the left leg. I'm still trying to get the hang of the leash handling and footwork for this command, feel really awkward right now and missed several good opportunities to leash pump. But Nova picked up the slack and did great for us.


  1. I’m so happy! She is soooo much more comfortable transitioning now….and remember when you were worried about making the escape conditioning harder….she will learn the escape conditioning when she does anticipate…that will be your chance for her to mess up and to teach her the escape conditioning also….great job! See how much less stressful 🙂 I’m so glad you went back a step she looks soon much happier!!

  2. The heel is coming along great! Just make sure after you plant the left foot she stays still until the left foot hits the ground again. So when the left foot plants….take one step with the right if she moves “heel/correction” bring the right foot back, then step out with the right again if she moves “heel/correction” keep putting the right foot forward until you can step off with it and she doesn’t move….then when you move your right foot and she stays still, move your left but don’t drop it….if she moves forward you just bring the left foot back so you are balanced and “heel/correction” you’re basically going to try to psych her out like your going to walk but your not….your just going to move one foot bring it back then the other bring it back until she learns she’s allowed to move every time the left foot hits the ground…this will make the heel position very clear to her so there’s no confusion on timing when she does need a correction. She’s heeling really great with you….this will just make it a little more black and white for her. Doing an excellent job!