We did another session with a variable reward schedule. The overall heeling time is the same at around 1 minute 45 seconds but today we moved to a slightly more distracting area with grass and more scent around.  Nova got a bit distracted a few times but she recovered nicely when I reminded her with another "heel" command.




(note: I use the word "place" but the command/exercise is technically "climb")

This is our 4th session with climb. Nova is a very sensitive girl and stresses out easily with new objects (the elevated bed) as well with learning new commands. So we took our time with it which is why we are still at the duration phase (spent the last few session just getting her used to the bed). She was still a bit unsure with the bed at the beginning, but she is relatively much more confident and comfortable getting on/off it this time.




    1. Thanks Judy! Yeah always a good sign to see her wag her tail during training, even if it’s a little bit. Hopefully that tail get a bit higher and wag a bit more as we progress and she get more comfortable! haha