Warmed up with a few quick repetition of phase 1 heel with interval reward schedule.



Then transition to duration, only rewarding her after the "free". This was first time doing duration for phase 1 heel so I kept it pretty short and sweet.


  1. Great great job! You are doing so awsome with her….and now that you are doing so awsome I’m going to point out one little thing i noticed when i watched the video…because I notice the little things…. .lol….and it is little and not a bug deal now, but it will be more important as you move forward in training. So i figured why not go over itvwith you now so that you can get in the habit of it now instead of trying to fix your habit latet….when heeling, or any command at this point, try not to use her name in the middle of the command. The dogs name is what will divide their world and is one thing that will help make training fair to them later on. The dogs name is going to be a cue to pay attention something new is about to happen. Getting in the habit now of only saying her name in the beginning of the command and at the end when you release her will make it more fluid for you as you move on. When you go over command structure you will learn this in more detail but since you are doing so well I wanted to point it out now so you can get into the good before you progress to phase 2. It would look like this. Say her name, heel…..then just heel without her name whenever you normally would. The next time she will hear her name is when you free her up. Instead of saying her name and heel everytime. You’re doing awsome so i figured id mention it sobyou can do even more awesome lol. Like I said it’s not that big if a deal now, but I know sometimes when we get into habits they can be harder for us to break so why not work on it now so you have a smooth transition….You’re doing awsome and she is so cute!!! Keep up the good work