Worked with Nova on her phase 2 escape conditioning for her sit, down, and push ups (down to sit).

We have already 1-2 sessions of escape conditioning in the way taught on the obedience chart (put dog in position, wait for them to break, then apply leash pumps). But since Nova is the type of dog that won't risk breaking command after a few repetition, I have been doing sessions where I apply leash pumps BEFORE I give command. In order for me to give her more repetition of escape conditioning just to make sure she truly understand how to escape correction.

We have done several of these sessions now so for this session I faded out the verbal cue, unless she needed help. She did great though and responded very well to the leash pumps!

I mixed in a few repetitions with verbal cues as well in order to keep things light, fun, and easy for her.




  1. Hi Davis, I love watching your vids and find them to be very helpful with my training of dogs. Nova is such a good girl. I have a question regarding the leash pumps punisher and was wonder why they are given to put Nova into the positions of the sits and downs with no commands? I thought leash pumps were taught by putting the dog into position using phrase1 method then using the leash pumps to correct the dog for breaking the position. You are moving along so fast and are doing great… I can see you are going to make a wonderful dog trainer.

  2. Opps, I should have read what you had written above the vid to explaining why you were using the leash pumps the way you were. I have a bad habit of only reading the “purpose of the session” instead of the whole lot. Next time I’ll know better… what a good girl she is.

    1. Hi Sharon,
      Thank you for your words of encouragement! I also enjoy watching your videos! I love watching people train, especially when we train in the same style/method. So much subtle things we can pick up and learn from watching other people and other dogs train.

      Yes, Nova is a pretty sensitive girl so after a few repetition of leash pumps in how we would traditionally teach the escape conditioning phase as taught on the chart, she would just stop breaking command to play it safe. Which didn’t give me enough opportunity to really make sure she understood how to escape the correction. So before this journal/video I did a few session where I started to apply leash pumps first THEN give verbal cue immediately afterward. After a couple sessions I faded the verbal cue off in order to make sure she knew how to escape the correction in and by itself which she did in this video.

    1. Yes, that exercise is considered negative reinforcement. “Negative” is to remove something(leash pumps in this case), and “reinforcement” is to encourage a behavior to be more likely to occur (sits and downs in this case).

      Nova learns that she can remove the leash pumps(negative), by sitting/downing (reinforcement). She also learns to discriminate between the two type of leash pump, the one going up for sits, and the one going down for downs.

      Mike made a really good video explaining all four of the quadrant of Operant conditioning. He also shows examples of how they can be used either humanely or inhumanely.