Phase 2 heel:

Worked on Phase 2 heel escape conditioning, mainly focused on forging and getting Nova to pay attention to left leg. She is doing great and have no trouble stoping behind my left leg, her issue now seems to be that she is hesistant in continueing to move forward after I plant my left leg to continue the heel command. She started to connect the dots a bit better toward the end, but we'll need to work more on this until she gets a more clear picture of when to stop and when to go (pay more attention to left leg). I also need to work on being more consistent in correcting when she veer off too far to the side. 




Phase 1 Push ups (focus on teaching down to sit):

Took Mike's and Judy's advice and incorporated more praise/petting during the session. The constant verbal and physical reassurance definitely helped ease a lot of her hesitancy and stress. I tried to keep it short and playful. Nova is doing so much better transitioning between the command, specifcally the "down to sit". She is relatively much less stressed and hesistant. I have faded my physical cue off for the most part and have started saying commands from different positions to make sure she really understand the verbal cue.