When Navy came to me, he was in incredible powerful puller. I haven't really done anything with him, but I do walk him on leash to potty 4 times a day. Ironically I guess that helped but although I never forced a heal, he actually doesn't pull like that anymore. So time to start the heel. He actually did really well. Down was better today. Saw a little confusion between stay and following the lure so I am trying to clarify that. I also gave him some outdoor time with both Tina and Sophie. Sophie initiates play, and Navy will play briefly but that's it. Tina attempted to approach him and Navy growled. She respected his space and turned away. A fedex and Dish network van came by and although he charged the fence he did not bark or lunge. He was quite relaxed after the outdoor time.


  1. Good job Maria, good session , really liked your hand and body movements to reinforce the commands for him to easily understand coupled with the warm praise.
    He’s such a good looking Dog.
    Keep it up!!