Start of today, I had my wife ignore Maverick when she first came downstairs. When he walked away from her and went to his dog bed I had her get a treat, call him over had him sit and she presented the treat and told him good boy and showed him some love. Remainder of the day we corrected him of trying to jump on the sofa and redirected him to his place. He listened everytime with no correction other than voice. I had my wife read the complete leadership page and understand about Maverick soliciating. She understood that this morning on 3/13/2016 when he came upstairs he tried to lay his head by her and bark as she was sleeping. She ignored him and I took him downstairs to eat and go outside.


  1. Ryan, I didn’t see this journal of yours until i just looked up something on leadership for someone else. I just today wrote on your blog wondering how things were going. This answers my questions though. I even posted the link on the blog to the leadership for your wife to review. I’m so glad she read the leadership page already though! That’s great that she is now ignoring his soliciting behavior. Make sure you keep up with everything on the leadership page, its the most important thing you can you do for you, your family and for Maverick. Keep us updated.