Yesterday it was my sons t-ball practice and I thought it would be great to bring Maverick along to see how well he is around constant distractions. Its a huge park with about 5 t-ball teams, parents and other kids constantly running around, there were also 2 dogs at the park that came after we were already there.  I had Maverick on the Starmark, which is a new collar I started using as I always used the prong with him and my other previous dogs.  He still walked nice, still sat when I gave the command and also did his down. Although when the other dog came about 30 feet from him and he saw him he sat up and started barking and his hair stood alittle. It didnt seem like an aggressive bark and he didnt break his sit, I turned him around and had him heel in the other direction for a short walk  then back again to where we were watching the kids and he was fine. I did notice though he pulls more being on the Starmark then on the prong, and I have to give him a harsher correction then the usual pump. For a 6 month old pup I say he did pretty well and was very social with other people and kids that wanted to see him.


  1. That’s great! Have you worked on any resistance with Maverick? This is one thing you can start working on. When you have him in a “sit” (or any command) using proper leash handling and “leash slide” (refer to leash ninja video under “dog behavior and tips”) you can start to stretch out in front of him little by little to the end of the leash. If Maverick breaks command….slide back towards him so you can repeat the command and correction back into the sit. (Use leash slide technique) Just start by going a little but in front if him and apply a little resistance, this way you are close to quicky repeat the command and correct. Then you can start creating more and more distance with the resistance. Practice this until you are able to stretch out in front of him and actually pull a little resistance on the leash almost like you are gently trying to “pull” him out of the sit. Practicing resistance causes them to have to focus on bracing themselves. This is actually good to do when there is a distraction Maverick is focused on. Use the resistance training and actually pull “towards” the disctaction instead of away. He may break command several times during this and that’s ok. The repitition of the corrections will help him learn. If you have any questions let is know! Let us know how you and he does.