Had three separate people call him while in sit-heel. Maintained position with all but one. three gentle leash reminders with last one, whom he seemed to like, and he returned to heel, looked up at me and maintained command.

Took him to feed last few times have fed the livestock while in heel. Has maintained position well with few corrections. Placed him in sit-stay away from the herd to keep him from getting rammed or stomped while I place out feed. 

Had to replace him in position, 6-8 times yesterday morning and evening; 4 times this morning, and only twice this evening, even with all the commotion and small babies running around. He held the last time until I walked away and called him to heel. Very well I think for a pup with his prey drive and energy when babies half his size are flitting about.

Today I intentionally, finally, allowed him to approach someone at a job and them pet him for a second. Called his name from a distance, gave him verbal and signal command for down. After only two vocal complaints from luke, the husky, he stepped away from them and obeyed. Was first test from a distance with slight distraction. He got lots of praise and love. 🙂

Little later same person was talking to luke, upon seeing luke was about to get up and go to him, gave luke a verbal command to stay and he remainded where he was, even though I was many feet away and the man was between luke and I.