Some one I know has a petting zoo and since my wife was doing some work for her today, I asked for permissioin to bring Luke in to work on his obedience amid distractions.The owner agreed reservedly for she didn't want her animals chased or scared.

When I let him out of the truck all the animal smells had him fairly excited and I had to do a couple of turns and gentle reminders in the parking lot. After a couple of turns he remained in heel and I proceeded to the door.

At the door I put him in sit and then down, he remained even though one of the workers had a small pup. I walked through the door and waited until I knew he would remain then told him to heel.

He walked in the door to me and came to a heel. I again placed him in a sit and then a down, on the down I never spoke hand signal only. I repeated this all throughout the building and only had to give him a few reminders even though his eyes were roving constantly, and he seldom looked at me, he was still aware of my voice, hand commands and proximity to me

. Considering all the parrots squacking and talking, rabbits (which he will chase and eat here, I even placed him in downstay directly in front of a rabbit ), squirrels etc, etc, he did very well until I told him to find my wife. I had to redirect him to that task several times before he tracked her up.

The hardest down was when I had him down beside the big python aquarium. He didn't like his proximity to the snake.

All this with a standard collar, and gentle corrections, as I inadverdently left my pinch collar at home today.

Considering all the distractions and the tenseness I could feel and see of being ready to pounce, I think he did very well for a 5 month old puppy. The owner of the zoo and the two employees seemed to think he did well, one said they needed to bring me their dog to train.

Before this he also held a down stay for about 20 minutes at the jobsite while the owners were there, with only having to replace him once. I did this for he had alerted on electricians come to the jobsite from an unusual direction, barked and headed for them. From his body language, and hair standing up, he seemed to be serious so I told them to wait, then to specifically stop when they didn't get the point so I could get him. When I told them to wait Luke slowed but didn't stop advancing until they did. 

Even though only 5 months old he has started showing protective tendencies in the last couple of weeks

.He only barked the first time 3 days ago. The next day after that when I was talking to a co-worker Luke has seen almost everday since december Luke barked and almost came across me to get out the window of the truck after the co-worker. I had to place him into a down in the seat of the truck in the next couple of minutes until I told my co-worker to quit looking at him. When he quit looking at Luke it helped a lot but not completely.It was totally unexpected. It had been a stressful morning, and I think Luke could hear the stress in my voice, and perhaps he thought it was the co-worker who was causing the stress.