Lexi is starting to do better.

My wife took Lexi from her run to take her for a walk and work with her. Lexi started lunging for the stray kittens as soon as she got a few feet. 

Instead of trying to fight with Lexi or hold her, which my wife can't because lexi can pull my wife over, she turned around and attached her right back on the run.

Thirty minutes later she went back out put the leash on lexi, one of the kittens came close and all my wife had to do was tell lexi no. First time we have ever done it and Lexi learned something. Seems we may have found a training tool to use with Lexi. 🙂 

They were actually able to go for a walk with Lexi in heel and work obedience drills.

My wife is also working to make a more noticeble verbal, and motion release so there is no confusion for lexi on when she is released from the command. 

Lexi's "faliure" in obedience isn't issues with Lex's intellegence or ability it is us. Inconsistency in the release command, not knowing if she is going to get in trouble or not, unsure who she needs to listen to. 

We are ironing out these issues.