My wife is still working on being more consistent, firmer in commands and leadership structure with Lexi. I demonstrated, with my wife hidden so Lexi couldn't see her, that Lexi knows all the commands, sit, heel, down, stand. Flawless.

I did so after Lexi had growled and snapped at my wife trying to get a piece of what looked like plastic Lexi had gotten from somewhere. I had to step in and put an abrupt end to it.

I notice Lexi has been playing my wife. I had Lexi in her bed (mat, or climb) while my wife was gone. Only had to remind Lexi once. After my wife got back Lexi wouldn't stay there. Constantly getting up and pilfering as my wife and I were trying to talk; trying to act like she didn't know what the 'bed' command was, and kept looking at my wife when I would give Lexi the 'bed' command. Trying to see if she could just get close to her mat and lay down, as though she didn't know what she was supposed to do.

She has been intentionally controlling household interactions with her behavior and it stops now.




  1. Firmness isn’t needed. Just the consistency and leadership that you mentioned. Everyone has to be in the same page when it comes to leadership. You don’t want Lexi to start seeing you and your wife as competition for things like attention and affection. If the roles arent clear to her it can cause conflict in her mind. Best thing is to stay calm and poised. Following through with things 100percent of the time and being consistent will be beneficial but you must mark the good side if everything she does as well. Praise is of the utmost importance and must not be forgotten. If the roles with your wife are not clear in Lexis mind your wife being “firm” can be the same as butting heads and cam be a potential danger.

    1. And this darn phone…lol…i went to correct the first sentence here ….because you may be using the word firmness but may not mean it the way some may take it. I’m thinking you meant having your wife be more disciplined so to speak with her own consistency and leadership.

      1. Correct on the firmness. If my wife tells her to go to her bed/mat Lexi may lay down close or go somewhere else and lay down, or to sit and Lexi lay down instead; before this my wife had often let her instead of standing firm in what she originally told her.

  2. It also may be very difficult for Lexi to hold commands if she is very excited to see your wife…dont forget to incorporate premack principle. Set her up for success always before making tasks more difficult. Start off with very short durations, free her up and then let her get some love. Then build up. A miskate often made is stretching things a little too far too fast. Start off small and build from there…always set up for success. Then you can build distraction from there.

    1. We have gone back addressing our flaws and also pinpointed the largest one; at times forgetting to give Lexie a free command so if my wife was present lexi thought she was free to get up of her own accord after a short time.
      Lexi is starting to do better.