Hi guys here are a couple of links of raw footage of some progress with Joker at 4 months old this week.

Have been trying my best to keep to the leadership rules with him and think he's coming along nicely. Any help,tips,constructive criticism would be great but be gentle as I'm a first time trainer and just trying to follow the foundation training purely from what I've seen here.?

Im struggling with him making the connection to go from down to a sit,he does do it with a heavy hand signal over the head although he doesn't in the clip. 

I would like to know what age is appropriate to introduce halti and possibly prong collar? as I don't want to rush anything.




  1. Hey! Looks like you’re doing awsome job! For a first time trainer you’re already doing such a great job!! He is responding so nicely to you. There’s no age per say when to introduce these collars to answer you quesion…what you want to look for before going on to phase 2 is that he has a full understanding of phase 1 first with that particular command. This means with no body language and for a duration. There is an obedience checklist that will help you to make sure you are following all the steps and not skipping any. You work through the checklist from the top phase one, down, and never rush. When you feel he knows these and understands then you can move on. Also for a yong dog like him that you are putting in so much time doing phase 1 which is excellent, a starmark collar is a great tool you can’t go wrong with when you do want to introduce phase 2. It’s basically like a plastic prong. We love using them because they are safe, gentle and create even pressure and it’s hard to over correct a dog with them. Great tool to look into. I prefer starting with a starmark, most of our puppies and adult dogs in class use the starmark collar then the ones who need to will go to a prong. But you can totally start using a starmark now for leasharing manners and if he knows the sit and down without body language and for a short duration before you free him …you can watch the phase 2 videos and start on that as well….it looks like he knows his stuff so far. We can help you get started if you need us to.

    As for the sit from a down position, this is almost like learning a different command in a sence….think about it….when you tell a dog to sit…he’s looking up at you and just has to drop it’s back end, but now if the dog is laying down and you tell him to sit…he has to do a whole different movement. When he’s in the down position and you tell him to sit, try luring him up with the treat….if he still needs some help you can take a little step into him also. Usually this helps. Then when you get him understandinga little better, start fading off the body language and prompting.

    A few tip that will help you down the road especially in phase 2….because you asked 🙂

    This will come in very very handy for phase 2, watch the leash ninja videos and practice with the leash. It will make your life easier when you start the next phase, you want handling the leash to be as fluid as possible.

    One thing that will also help Joker very much so especially in the next phases to come where you will be introducing correction and accountability is using him name at the beginning and end of each command. Think of it this way…their name is going to divide the or world. If they know when they hear the or name something new is about to happen, they will learn to pay attention to it. This will cause less worry or anxiety of unfair corrections later on. If they know to pay attention when they hear their name we can make it very fair to them. Ex….Joker sit….good he sits and now you’re having a conversation with someone that asked you for directions. …you tell him to go down the road….Joker hears down and thinks oh I better go down….but in your mind wait you put him in a sit so he gets a sit correction….unfairly because he just wasn’t clear…..if he can rely on you to say his name only at the beginning and end of each command…..Joker sit……Joker down…Joker free…..thinks like that we can be as fair and consistant as possible to him….it will give him less worry and he will be able to relax more with you because it will be very predictable to him. And like I said that’s just an example of something. ..not saying that’s what’s going to happen just explaining why it’s a good habit to get into 🙂 lol….You are doing an exeptional job!

    Also give him love and touch too as a reward. Use treats and also use love. When you free him up or when he’s doing the right thing…let him know you’re happy, pet him and give him affection 🙂 treats are great train in tool….but we also want him to know he will get rewarded even if you don’t have treats on you by the live you give him.

    I think you are doing a great job! He is getting so big and is so smart and it shows you are putting a lot of work into him…excellent!

    This is the checklist so that you can be sure you know when it’s OK to move on for whichever commands you are working on at the time….it’s a good tool to use to make sure he learns all steps in order. You don’t have to teach him all the commands in the list and you dunt need to necessarily do all the commands in order…it just let’s you know which level you are at for each particular one.

    Keep up the good work! Keep us posted and let us know if you have questions. Great job!

  2. I just threw a whole lot at you lol….don’t be overwhelmed. .it wasn’t meant to be overwhelming. …let me know if you have any questions regarding anything!

  3. Also, if you haven’t seen it already, there’s a forum post Mike answerd about when to incorporate leash training that is recent…take a look at that as well this will help you with when to transition from phase 1 to phase 2. Also know, theres no such thing as taking too much time in phase 1 you want to take your time with it until you feel comfortable with where you’re at. 🙂

    1. Awesome!thanks for all the info.i will keep reinforcing all phase one and not rush.i made him sit at the door today actually and went inside.while having a conversation said “three” and he came flying in so I will have to start using his name before freeing him which I havnt been doing.Will keep working through and getting through as many clips and articles.By the way Ortheo looks awesome in training….that watch command clip was so cool to how responsive he his ?

  4. You’re welcome! You’re doing an awesome job! Thanks about Orfeo! Thats my buddy! 🙂 he seems to be pretty naturally in tune with me, that watch video was the first time we ever did that. …I was actually shocked when I watched it back! Lol