Final session with GHOST, I head to sydney to conduct the EDD dog trainers course which is 5 months long which im very excited for.

Ghost's recall has really improved over the last few weeks with added distraction and competing motivators, really utilise the PREMACK principle with him and it has really helped with obedience to the command, all the work we do is off leash so having that safety net early in his training is vital.

Also his search endurance has developed very well inline with his physical development. 

I'm grateful for the time Ive had training him and learning, I'm very happy with where he is at as a future EDD the foundations for him to learn and us to teach are there and that is what will carry over nicely to the other handlers to pick up.

I have handed him over to my colleges with instructions and scope to diversify, who will continue his development and training.

Things to work on are Heel, Stay at distance, other target odours.


When I get back it will be nice to see where is at in his training and will revisit the training sessions and logs to keep everyone updated.