Emily is heeling a little wide and I'm still luring a little on the turns. There a possibility Emily eye-sight as deteriorated from surgery to remove skin cancer where she can no longer close one eye. This may explain why she yelps often in training from not seeing where my hand is coming from... if I try to keep walking and treating she as problem of dropping the treat as well.


  1. Hi Mike, I’ve try a few times now to only treat Emily when she is in the right heel position but she seems to drop the treat on the move and stops to sniff it out where it as dropped. This is interfering with the interval training of fading out my lure and hand signal on the move with the heel command. I’ve been trying to use the praise of “good girl” to keep encouraging her to heel in the correct position but the “good girl” without the occasion treat is not motivate enough at times to keep her in the heel position. I’m using the kissing sound and tapping my thigh as well to encourage her to stay in the correct position and this as help to a degree. I was thinking of using a leash to help guide her in the correct position and was wondering if this would be ok? I like to postpone moving to the next step of durations/free command as a means to make sure she understands the heel command verbally without the lure or my hand movement.