For several weeks now my cat Mulan has decided she is ready to try and be friends with Elvis. In the past he has picked her up in his mouth and walked around with her so I understand her hesitation.  I've been home sick for weeks. Serious cabin fever. Elvis has been by my side and really a comfort. When we sit on the sofa Mulan joins us. I'm in the middle and give Elvis direction for the behavior expected when spending time with Mulan. He has to have four paws on the ground, or sofa, and has to be calm. I pet him for reward and tell him he is a good boy.  I use the leash pump to correct him when he moves out of command along with the command. Things are going well. This is not what we were planning on working on but it is progress in a needed area. I feel reassured that he has learned that a cat hissing is bad. I'm super lucky she always chooses flight over fight.