I have failed to log our work for the past few days. I have been working on my leash ninja skills which I know I will need with him when he is with other dogs. Elvis and I have been working on "place, come, and party hat".  When working on place he slides on his towel with enthusiasm. He is so happy to see his party hat he almost forgets he was waiting for a treat. He has made a little progress by wearing the back strap loosly around his head. Elvis is still reluctant to come when called outside. No matter how many times we have success there are more times that he just flips me the paw. 

He did spend and hour and a half yesterday and today sitting with our cat Mulan. She wants to be friends with him so badly. He wants to be friends with her but still does not understand her movement. After about 20 minutes Elvis was no longer trying to get close to her, as he was blocked by the coffee table, he just laid down and went to sleep. Later they both woke up and looked at each other for 10 minutes and went back to sleep. At the end of the first session I called Elvis out of the room. He had every opportunity to get close to her as I was in the next room calling for him. Mulan had an escape route for her safety, but Elvis came to me with hesitation and was rewarded for a job well done. The second encounter ended by Mulan leaving the room. Elvis showed very little interest in her leaving. He did look to see if she was coming back but she went to eat. When Mulan doesn't want to be with him she will hiss, growl, meow, and start to look for escape. Elvis does not take this as warning of the massive beat down she could throw. They are seperated with baby gates when not supervised. Baby gate anchor in wall is great for practicing leash ninja skills.