Elvis and I spent 15 minutes working on all the basics.  Stay, down, sit, come, place. We have done little work with heel. We spent some time walking in the yard laying the foundation for heel.  I gave him treats when he walked in the proper position.  Oh, and leave it. The neighbors had guests and I told him to leave it when he barked. The more excited he was, usually when they tried to talk to him or the more people there were, I had to be closer to him for him to settle down. Since our other dog, Badger, died in May he has been more protective. When approached now in the yard by a stranger his hackles go up.  Even with people he knows. Unless I go to the end of the walk to greet people he will not let them on the property.  *Talk to the trainers about how the pack structure has changed since Badger died. Anywho, he did well. He was engaged, eye contact, eager to please, happy to come for a treat, timing on all established commands was good. It was a little fun and a little work.