1. This entry is my first few sessions with Coda, introducing her to phase 1 sit method, its quite long so sorry about that, I definatley have some improving to do with timing and certain body cues I’ve noticed from reviewing, so these videos are a great tool for self analysis, Coda is working very well, I did excelerate the training slightly but she has retained what was asked of her and she is really taking to the extra attention and tasks.

  2. Great start! As you mentioned, Make sure you mark the good behavior at the moment she does what you want. As soon as her butt hits the floor “good girl” right away…even if she doesn’t get love or a reward at that exact moment always mark it so she knows the exact moment she does good. The videos are definitely good for self analysis like you said…they help us learn and improve so much. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you Judy, defiantly need to focus on the timing for marking the desired behaviour 🙂 very slow, quite nervous in front of a camera and it show’s, but I’m getting comfortable with it the more i practise.