Still working on obedience, teaching him what is expected, and building drive for games to have a premack.

For giving a reason to obey there is little other than affection use as a reward. Still working with the tug build a drive, and gradually working him out of the kennel to play as he feels safe enough.

Although some of his stopping in play over seeing another dog is wanting to engage with them, if he hears one he will immediately freeze with eyes constantly scanning, and listening as though he is contemplating whether it is getting closer, and all play is over.

He seems to be getting better. We have been able to have a few games outside the kennel most of which I have been able to stop when he is still enthused to leave him wanting more.

Obedience is still a work in progress as he learns self-discipline and control to break his own old habits. All in all he seems to want to do whats expected.