Building a drive for a tug as to have a premack. 

Few times I was able to play tug with him he would hear the other dogs, and quit. Too concerned where they were and if they were coming after him.

To create an anchor of excitement and desire for the tug I have taken it in with me and been very obvious with flaunting it around and teasing him with it. I have been taking a small tug everytime I feed; while he is happy to see me making a big deal out of the tug before letting him out of the kennel. 

Teased him with it the first day. Second day let him have it for a few seconds. When I did play with him it had to be inside the kennel, as that was the only place he seemed to feel safe enough to play. 

Today I took him for a walk and he was very antsy. Constanly wanting to roam. I picked up the big tug and he got excited. Actually had a game of tug for several minutes outside the kennel. I was able to end it while was still enthused and wanting more. It has been almost a tightrope between him getting distracted and leaving him wanting more.

Yesterday I saw the need to focus on acclimatizing obedience under all conditions. He has been long enough here starting to get territorial. Haven't taken him with me to work much. Did yesterday and he is starting to warn people off the truck which I wasn't expecting so early.