He still amazes me how smart. Picks everything up first or second time, and retains it.

Have had some success on teaching him games and rules. Most seems to be giving him new habits, and patience to let them take the place of the old.

Once again everything revolves around dog-dog play. I am trying to bring his drives to the surface before he gets set into the groove he's in and they get out of reach.

If I get all playful, and excited wait until the point he wants to engage as he would with another dog, I will put the tug in his mouth and have a short session, to teach him proper way to play with humans, do a couple out commands before ending, and give him lots of love and praise, if it ends on my terms.

In an attempt to get him used to playing outside the kennel I tethered on a 30ft line. Doing the same to get him to point he wants to engage and put the tug in his face at which point he grabs it.
I get tickled at him. After a few times of that he decided to try a tactic to play his way. {His way is like he would with another dog, pawing, wanting to mouth but won't. Or nipping at feet. Seems his herding drive is one still mostly prevalent.} He tugged until I was within reach of the end of his line, turned loose and came towards me, at which point I backed out of reach, and again presented the tug.

He engaged again, but this time waited until I was farther in before he turned loose, and came towards me wanting to play his way. Again I got out before he reached me. After another attempt, and failure on his part I left to let him think it over.

Unless I watch him closely he will do what I want only as a way to get what he wants.

Call him into a heel he does well. Still has habit of wanting to forge ahead, but if he realizes he is doing it self corrects. If I get the leash and he is loose he comes into a heel and walks beside me without being told to do so.

I am putting more effort into helping him stay focused on what he is doing so he can do well.