From active evidence of Chet's behavior around, and towards our dogs; if they are playing or loose within site of him; plus information I have heard about bullying behavior towards dogs; his behavior seems unknowingly taught to him.
His wanting to play is only towards Lexi as the other dogs aren't interested. The one time I did let them play she stopped it. He did want to push her because he wasn't ready to quit but she gave a reminder of canine etiquette.
Since it is almost an instant reaction I am in hopes of taking the behavior to extinction by way of exposure without interaction.
As a puppy he had high prey, no fear. Normal breed characteristics.
Seems most of his drives have been ignored, almost to extinction, and energy directed to running and playing with other dogs.
Although he seems to enjoy obedience work, in and of itself, lack of drives has made it challenging to actually make things fun, interactive, bonding, or give him a reason to obey other than learning in itself.
Have been working on drawing them out.