Huge progress in desensitization and counter conditioning!

This morning when I brought him inside to eat, I had a peice of the rawhide on a seat close to where he was eating. Being focused on eating he didn't notice until he got finished. He went away from it but didn't flinch and bolt like normal. I was sitting beside it and he came cautiously to but not cowering, and was Actually able to get him to smell it and not run. He was actually curious .

This evening took the tug out to play with him. He was excited, playbowing and actually engaged with it for a moment, even though the hair on rawhide was still tied to it, until he saw the other dogs outside the fence, whereupon he  immediately released the tug and wanted to engage with them in play.

Thinking he might not like the tug, and to further test, I got the other out of freezer, which he had a greater reaction to, and he Actually Chased and wanted to grab a few times, but once again saw the other dogs outside the fence, and snubbed engagement with me. 


From this point forward I will have to be much more careful as this makes 3rd time I have allowed him to rule when play stops. 


Future sessions will not have distractions of other dogs if I can go it. 


I could see a propensity for him to "punish" someone he considered beneath him in the pack for pulling him away, as it appears, if he was engaged with by humans at all he initiated and stopped the play.

As much as I  had hoped to work on Ace accepting him, and running them all together,  it will not be something that can take place anytime soon.


I was told he would really enjoy getting to run and play with ours, so I am more firmly of the thought when he did get his drives met it was through other dogs.


From here on he will have to look to me to meet his needs.