Due to his late evening/night time wariness, and overall body language decided to go back through EO.

Kenneling every night, and spending time in evenings by, and around the kennel, controlling interactions, for 2 months seems to be making progress.

He's showing more desire to interact, when has been allowed around other dogs past week starting to come and check in more, easier to call to me.  

Has been coming faster when called. More direct without as much wariness, sniffing of the ground, or circling to come in. Hair still has some puffing at times at the base of the tail occassionally, but with tail lower, but still too high.

No growling of warnings in nervousness in about 3 weeks.

Tail has started to wag equally left to right instead of wary wagging from his center line, and to his left. 

Going to continue until I get more right side tail wag than equal left and right.

Never expected so many weeks to switch loyalties.