3 distinct issues I'm working on:

1. Defensive behavior being called to me after urination. 

2. Defensive behavior when he is confused.

3. Defensive behavior if he knows I am stressed.

 Strategy: Working to set him up for success by:

1. Turning potty into a command he can be praised for; while still in the marker from urinating giving here command and continuing to praise/mark while on his way to me. If still showing defensiveness give a sit command to defuse residual doubt.

2. Either head off the confusion, or as in case of video below, making sure I stay calm, talking him through it.

If he has gotten past point in video (more defensive or worried), giving a command he is confident in completing unitl I see some relaxation, then going back and walking him through what had him confused. (Since he learned I left in truck everyday, if I left the window down at home he would end up in the truck. I assume he was taught to never jump out, because no matter how bad he wanted out he wouldn't.) Which is reason I assume calling him out put him in a confused state.

3. Leaving him home if I see a situational day ahead, and working with him in the evening before I have let it all dissipate to gradually build trust. Or making sure I take time to relax, as there has been 3 times I have had to hold him tight against my leg until he felt secure enough he was safe.

Although he broke skin before I got him the couple snaps I have gotten never did.