Sorry for the long video. Thought I had stopped it when the dog showed up and youtube not saving edits.
Lead up to this was I had called him a couple times from out of sight to see if he would jump out. I was just a little tense from working and his tendency if he doesn't understand a command or repeating one he is unsure of causes him to be wary of hands.

As can be seen he is still a little stressed of hands moving quickly while he is in an confused state or I am stressed.
Three months ago, when he was in this mode he would have snapped me if he couldn't evade my reaching for his collar while he was in this frame. Another seeming positive step: His hair only bristled right as reached for him early in the interaction instead of while talking to him and continuing for some time. I only pushed so far without a muzzle from knowing his moods so well and wasn't too concerned of getting bit in this case.

Saw him getting tense and confused, worried he was in trouble as I walked toward the truck so grabbed my phone.

He calmed down much quicker than normal. 1st obedience command, and he had his loose happy wag. A stray dog came running in focused on him and he maintained well.. He did much better than expected.