I have found a few trigger words which put him into fear aggression mode.

Bad dog, drop it, and no. Haven't figured what situations "no" triggers it though. It seems to be very situational.

Have been getting him very happy and saying "bad dog," in a loving way to counter condition. Being from an era when "bad" meant good, I have sometimes used it in talking to them.

I usually use "drop" for them to put something into my hands, as out I usually use for just letting go of something. Depending on how he seems to be reacting at the time I have switched between, out, and drop. When I know he is about to let it go anyway I have been using "drop it," followed by qucik love and praise hoping to counter condition.

Seems I touched an old wound when I showed him why he was put outside at a job. There was no discipline, or punishment for it except putting him outside. If I happen to walk close to a place he has urinated, even if it is quite a while later, he gets very tense, hair stands up and he sticks close to my side expecting punishment, or leaves the area and goes to the truck. Have been ignoring it. 

If he has been in a deep sleep and wakes, he may need 10-15 minutes to orient himself. There are times he has a confused look if he has gotten woke up, at such times he shows to be on edge, expecting confrontation, until he seems to get his bearings.

For the first time today finally he finally picked up and brought me a deer antler after finding it.  

Still no success on getting him to pickup my shoes and bring them to me. He knows what "bring it" means but seems afraid touch the shoe.