Ate his first rawhide chew.

Almost done with it came to me holding it in his mouth. Kept watching my wife who was beside me. Didn't growl at me petting him. Acting more like he wanted me to protect him. Every time she would move he would get worried and growl at her. A no calmed him. She went to the other end of the room and he kept watching her looking scared and worried. I reached across to put something on a counter and he jumped up scared. Didn't growl just acted really worried.

Comes to me without it and buried his head under my arm and was shaking for just a minute. Guiltiest look on his face. Acting like he was expecting to get in trouble.

We move all around him while he is eating his food and he doesn't pay any attention to either of us. Never any aggression over picking up his food bowl when he is done. The rawhide seems to bring back an old fear.

His trust just doesn't seem to transfer, Has to be earned. He let me pick it up when he was done with it. I gave him a little meat treat afterwards and he stuck his head under my arm tail down acting like he was expecting to get in trouble.
Really surprised me. Found out she can't squat in front of him without his hair starting to raise. So we will really be working on her gaining his trust. Can't have him doing that to her.
Only told him enough. Will handle with kid gloves as much as possible. Makes it difficult when worried reaching for him too fast when in such a state, his trust may still be to weak not to be damaged, and to hold him steady. Still unsure, if he is in an aroused state, reactivity/fear of someone reaching for, and grabbing, the collar wouldn't resurface for a moment.
In other regards he is an extremely intelligent, eager to please dog.