I prefer my dogs to find me by scent rather than sight as I have seen dogs get lost in the woods because they never learned to find family by scent, or to backtrack their own scent which is another reason we have taught ours to track each one of us.

. Usually start mine as pups, hiding in brushy growth while out on walks. Gives them more confidence and the chance to find a way home or to truck if working in the woods.

Since it appears Chet has never had to use his nose in regards to locating "his" people he has ran as much as 1/4 mile or more looking for me if I moved from where he last saw me without him noticing before I got him stopped. 

I can duck down in the open, changing my sillohette, and unless I move he will go right past me because of this. If he can't find by sight he starts getting frantic running farther and farther to find me.

Have been working on him learning to calm when he can't find me by keeping him in the general area with short whistles. 

This evening I worked him fairly hard about 20 minutes.

I squatted down behing a little tree, but still in open sight. If he would get 100 yrds away I would give a short whistle to redirect him back. Running past 4-5 times within 10 feet of me, looking right at me a couple of times. He finally calmed enought to notice the wind, and stayed within 100 feet of me. after about 5 minutes he had calm enough to pay attention to the drift and finally looked right at me and ran to me.