Some of their breed are known to not be accepting of any they aren't raised with.

Took Ace and Chet into the woods to introduce them to one another off turf. Both muzzled we went for a long walk. Making each stay in a heel. Recently taught Ace to heel on opposite side.They did fairly well.

I stopped at the river coming out and let them run for a few minutes. Both went into the river hit a drop off I knew was there which made them go for a swim.

Since they were a little tense before but no aggression towards one another I decided since they were shaking it off so much to take off muzzles while they were doing so to see how it would go. Knowing if a fight did start I could grab leashes and we would all go for a swim, breaking any fight without anyone getting hurt.

Shaking off from the water really released the tension and they got along well. Chet acted like a puppy towards Ace. The complete opposite he does towards Lexi.

However, since the same dog that's tolerated off turf may not be tolerated on home grounds I did a short test at home today; it does look like it will have to be a management issue on home grounds for quite some time.