Self control. Straight out of the kennel before any edge has been ran off. This is new tactic and since there has been no adage taken off Verbal correction or stopping interaction until complaince.

3 weeks ago he would have ran from this. Still has an occasional doubt it's okay

Since he only seems to know how to interact with a female in one way decided to try and teach him. Also he will not focus on anything else but a female if one is around. 

Took Chet and Lexi to the river for 1.5 hours for 2 reasons. Chet didn't like getting more tha feet wet, which would give Lexi a chance to avoid him, and hoping he would get past his water aversion by following her example.

Left him muzzled until had a semblance of control.

Once released he tries to overwhelm her and I sent her into the water. When he had calmed down called her out. When he would try again send her back into the water and meet at edge to split him off. 

He wouldn't go in the water after her until close to the end when he was starting to get the idea he needed to act different if he wanted to engage with her.

Lexi got the idea what I was doing and often she knew what he was thinking before I did so ran to me so I could split.

Before she learned I would start with vibe on ecollar as that is usually enough and work up from there as needed.

What had the most effect when I did a split on the bank slipped and he wound up taking a swim.

The session seemed to work, for when we got home he actually played like for the first time without trying to turn it into a demand session from her. Only had to intervene once and make him take timeout.