Tug game and rules still progressing.

Last few days have had him outside off leash allowing him to explore.

I have allowed him to go up to our oldest dog wanting to engage with him. After 3 times of Dodger posturing and growling Chet lost interest. When Chet tried going towards Luke I called him back.

Today I allowed him to try and engage Luke. After initial dog greeting, Luke only had to make 2 hard drives as warning before Chet decided it wasn't worth it. Like huskies I have had before Luke doesn't skip steps in aggression cycle they're just body language only, skipping the audibles, which if ignored leads to a hard drive to ram the shoulder.

Chet seems to be starting to understand he needs to look towards us for his needs to be met.

The time I did let him engage with Lexi saw the need to work on his stamina as he was exhausted after less than ten minutes of play.

For his stamina have taken him for long walks. Have him do downs, walk 50 yards or so away and have him run to me.

I do make it challenging so a 5 min game with flirt pole and tug is about as long as he can go before he starts flagging.